NEWTON Electronics & Appliance Mfg. Ltd.

NEWTON™ (A registered brand of a USA-Bangladesh JV Investment) is a consumer electronics appliances Global Brand based in the USA and Bangladesh. It is involved in the field of manufacturing, import, export & trading of Consumer Electronics and appliances like-

  • Consumer Air Conditioner (Split, Multi Split, Ceiling, Cassette), HVAC (VRF and Chiller)
  • Television, TAB, Biometric Devices & Appliances (Household & Commercial) 
  • Refrigerator & Freezer (Household & Commercial)
  • Home Appliances and Mold & Dies (Electronics Appliances & Devices)

NEWTON began to operate globally through its own retail chain, wholesale (dealer) to all major cities (district & reputed commercial places) throughout the country, as well as developing business globally through franchise and online store management system at the same time.

NEWTON will ensure the latest technology and best designed quality with a competitive price for the customers. That will ensure maximum selling.

The NEWTON management team comprises of professionals who have worked with some of the leading global brands in the field of Information Technology, Electronics & Home Appliances Industry.